Cute Apartment Decor for Spring at Starbuck Island

a bouquet of flowers on a wood coffee side table with candles

Spring is ready to bloom at Starbuck Island, and we’re ready to bring the sunshine inside. If you’re looking for cute apartment decor ideas to brighten your space, check out these five ideas from Starbuck Island Apartments.

Accent Your Space With Florals

When sprucing up a space for spring, one of the first accents people often think of are florals—and for good reason! Floral accents are a timeless way to bring color and earthy ambiance into a space. Of course, a fresh bouquet from a local farmer’s market (or even Trader Joe’s!) is a great addition, but florals are incredibly versatile and can be used in a ton of different ways. 

Of course, you’ve seen floral linens, art pieces, and tchotchkes, but if you’re looking for something a bit more out of the box, consider using removable stained-glass paint (such as Gallery Glass) on your windows to create a floral design. You could also use floral peel and stick wallpaper inside your drawers or on the edges of your interior doors to add a little touch of whimsy. Lean into the kitsch! Mixed prints of different sizes can give your home that lived-in, cozy feel. 

Switch Out Heavy Linens and Rugs With Lightweight Fabrics

Switching out your bed linens, rugs, and curtains can make a huge difference in your apartment, but it’s an often-overlooked detail. During the winter, you may choose linens and rugs made of velvet and wool that feature dark colors and wintery patterns. When spring rolls around, consider switching these out for bright colors with floral patterns, textures like linens or chiffon, and complimentary pastel colors. This simple change can help your space feel totally new during the spring season.     

Don’t Be Afraid to Bring in Pops of Color

Sometimes, it can feel like the only “appropriate” colors for spring are pastels. This couldn’t be farther from the truth! Get inspired by the colors of the flowers blooming outside—the bright yellow daffodils, the deep purple of the crocuses, and the bright pink tulips. These colors can make incredible additions to your spring decor. 

Whether it’s through new pillow covers or bright vases and art prints, don’t be afraid to incorporate these bright colors into your spring decorations. Check out local thrift stores, like the ReStyle Store, to add some unique flair to your space. 

Go Green With Indoor Plants

Spring is a great time to bring greenery into your space, and live plants have a ton of benefits to mental and physical health. If you don’t want anything high maintenance, try investing in snake plants, cast iron plants, pothos, or ZZ plants. 

Perhaps you’ve got a true black thumb, or mischievous pets who like to get into everything. You can still bring greenery into your space with fake plants! The obvious plasticity you may think of when you hear the term ‘fake plants’ is a thing of the past. Today, you go into just about any craft store and find beautiful greenery that looks just as real as live botanicals—without all the care required.  

Choose Fresh New Scents

Most people think of the visuals when they think about cute spring decor—but you can bring the season into your home through your other senses, too! One of the best ways is to fill your home with fresh, springy fragrances. 

One of the best ways to begin is by throwing open your windows on a warm afternoon to air out that winter stuffiness. Then, check out candles, candle warmers, diffusers, or room sprays with gentle floral or fresh, aquatic scents. Combinations like lavender and sage, honeysuckle and orange, or aloe and bergamot can bring those warm vibes to life by engaging your sense of smell. Just be sure to check out your apartment’s policy on candles beforehand!  

Start Fresh This Spring at Starbuck Island Apartments

Spring is the perfect time for a fresh start in a gorgeous new apartment. Starbuck Island is the area’s best luxury apartment community, with resort-style amenities and upscale, modern floor plans. Take a virtual tour or check out our available apartments today!